Week 9: I’m grateful we have internet in Vaini today.

I’ve eaten dog a few times now since last week, it’s pretty good. It’s very similar to pig. So now that I’ve eaten a dog, the next step is to kill a dog.


I don’t know what I like the most about being here, I guess the food. We eat Lu a lot I like Lu. The families always try to make me American or Chinese food for fafanga, cause they want me to feel at home at Tonga.

The weather is good, it rains sometimes. I don’t think I need anything. Last week for P-day we played volleyball while the dog was cooking, once the dog finished cooking we all ate, then played volleyball again, then we went home and a family brought fafanga to us.

I wash my clothes in a washing machine lol.  Everyone has the same washing machine and toilet. There isn’t any water line connected though so what we do is fill the washing machine with water using buckets. Then we put the clothes in with the soap and drain it after it finishes. there is even a dryer, all it does is spin the clothes, there is no heat or anything.

I have not caught the Kuma (mouse) yet, but when I do it’s gonna die. I guess a miracle I’ve seen this week is I’ve just been struggling a little this week, the work is slow right now, I have been struggling with the language I’ve felt like. I pray for help and to feel better. I felt like every time I felt down, there was always something that would pick me up or boost my confidence.

I’m grateful we have internet in Vaini today.


A few interesting things that happened this week is I ran into someone I went to elementary school with in Kahuku. Today I also got a call from Brother Hippolite and he was saying he is in Tonga and he asked If I wanted to get lunch. I told him we couldn’t cause we already had plans today, which we did.
We give a lot of blessings here, I need to learn how to say everything in Tongan. Yesterday, we went to fafanga, and the fafanga turned out to be a birthday party. When it’s your birthday in Tonga they want the missionaries to bless the food and bless whomever’s birthday it is, and its a really big deal and they asked me to do it. I asked them if it was okay if I give it in English and they said yes.
Tuesday is a big day, we have our Zone meeting. I heard those are rough lol, everyone is trying to prepare. After the zone meeting which is supposed to be all day. We have to go to another birthday party. I either have to give a spiritual thought or do the blessing again I think it’ll have to be in lea fakatonga though. There’s a lot to prepare for.
I exercise a lot, I eat a lot too, the people scold me to eat more, lol.
Anyway I love you guys hope everything is good.

Week 8: We don’t have internet in our village.

Sorry, I’m not writing a lot this week. It’s hard for us to email because we don’t have internet in our village so we have to walk to another village to email.


We just had fast and testimony meeting yesterday. I was gonna go up and share my testimony to the people but my companion brought up a good point that the meeting is for the members to share their testimonies and everyone likes to go up. I’m not bad at the language, my problem is understanding people but my speaking is okay.


The work is slow right now. My area is not very big and we’ve already tried to visit everyone.

The mission president and his wife gave them a lift from Vaini to Folaha for their District PDAY, and posted these pictures for their moms on FB.

I’m used to tupenus, ha,ha, I usually just wear basketball shorts. The slippahs are good, I haven’t played anything yet, last p-day it was pouring. My companion likes to run with me in the mornings though so that’s good.

Ofa atu


Week 7: Vaini

Hey Tonga is good, I didn’t really enjoy getting here though, haha. It was a lot of traveling. We took the train to the airport in Utah and that was not fun. And the flight to New Zealand was just long. When I got to Tonga it was good. We got my clothes, then we went to the meeting where all the new intake missionaries learn who there trainer is and where they are going.


My trainer is Elder Mohulamu and I’m serving in Vaini. My companion is from Tonga, the east side with the arch and he doesn’t know much English. That’s good for me though because it helps me with the language. I’m enjoying myself here.

mqMy MQ (Mission Quarter) is good, it’s small of course, and it has “warm water”. It’s more like not cold ha ha. There is a kuma (mouse) in our MQ, that I’ve been trying to kill, ha ha.


The members in Vaini are great. I met them all and they’re all really friendly to me. The members do everything for the missionaries. They have so much respect for us. When we fafanga which is the members making food for us there is so much food.  Every time we visit members they give us so much food. I try to exercise a lot.
So far I’ve eaten, kapa ika, kapa pulu, pancakes, eggs, hotdogs, fish in chips, lu pulu, lu moa, and just stuff like that. It’s all good food. The language is pretty difficult haha, I can construct sentences on my own, but I never know what people are asking. There are a lot of other things I don’t understand about Tongan. But I just keep trying. I love walking around and saying nofoa koe, fakaaua motoulu, and YO!

Another thing I’ve noticed about Tonga is that there are dogs everywhere haha. Tokolahi kuli i Tonga (there are a lot of dogs in Tonga). That’s probably why they are eaten so much, cause there’s such an abundance of them.​

The work is good. Mostly what we do is we go to members houses and we ask if they
have any references. We don’t have a lot of investigators. We’re scheduled to eat at members homes twice a day, but every time we go to members homes they try and give us food. One of the members in the ward works the shop and she gives us free stuff all the time, ha ha.
This mission is unlike any other you know, This is the best mission in the world. I heard that a lot in the MTC, and I finally realize its true, anyway I gotta go love you guys!

Week 6: Welcome to the Kingdom of Tonga!

Dear Malie Sasaki,

President Tuione and Elder Sasaki
There MTC group arrival at the airport.
Elder Chandler, Pres. Tuione, and Elder Sasaki at the airport.

Your son, Elder Tyler Maikeli Sasaki, arrived in Tonga in good spirits on 26 Jul 2017.  My wife and I greeted him at the airport and took him to our home along with the other new missionaries.

Picking up their missionary attire.
Elder Sasaki meeting his companion/trainer.

After a healthy dinner, a great interview, and an orientation about all aspects of the mission, we put him right to work.  We are excited to have him here to teach these wonderful people.  Enclosed is a picture of us taken with him after he arrived.

Pres. Tuione, Elder Sasaki and Sis. Tuione outside the mission home.

Elder Sasaki will do well and has already caught the spirit of this great work.  I am sure his mission will be a great testimony-building experience for him.  We are very happy to have your son serving here in the Tonga Nuku’alofa Mission and will do all we can to help him progress in the work of the Lord.  If there is ever anything you would like to discuss with me, please do not hesitate to contact me.




Sione F Tui’one

Mission President


Elder Sasaki’s travel plans started on the July 24th leaving the MTC @ 10:30am. He and his group left SLC airport @ 5:45pm for San Francisco. They were there with a 4 hour layover. Elder Sasaki called us to chat before leaving the states. There were no pay phones around for him to use his phone card, so a nice lady at the counter let him and his companion call home. It was fun to talk with him. He was glad to be out of the MTC and on his way to Tonga. He spoke a little Tongan for us (the accent was pretty good). He and his group boarded their flight at 9:45pm, headed out to Auckland, New Zealand. The New Zealand missionaries were picked up. After another 4 hour layover, the three missionaries left, including Elder Sasaki boarded for their final destination —- Tonga. The arrived in Tonga in the afternoon on the 26th of July.

Week 5: I leave on Monday and I’m really excited.

Hey you already know but this is my last week here, I leave on Monday and I’m really excited. This week has been pretty good. For the most part it’s been pretty normal.



 Sunday we had a devotional by the MTC president and his wife, President and Sister Martino. It was really good. It was all about the importance and impact the work we do as missionaries can have. Both the Martinos were converts, and from their conversion President Martino has served 3 missions, two with his wife, They’ve had five kids all of which have served missions and I can imagine their kids will too. Along with this they’ve completed over 1000 names of family history. The power of one baptism is truly special.
I don’t remember too much about Monday, but Tuesday we had another devotional, I forgot who it was by, but he was an emeritus authority. He talked about how the work is being hastened. He gave us examples of how the work has been hastened and I felt like the spirit testified to me that this is true. He talked about the increase in temples and temple design changes like taking out cafeterias and laundry rooms out of some temple designs so that the amount of temples made could increase, he also talked about the age change of missionaries. It’s so cool to be able to be apart of this change. Another thing that has happened this week is the MTC has been opened to the public for tours for the rest of the summer.
Wednesday the MTC has just become so crowded. For the past three weeks there have been intakes of at least 700 missionaries. I have no idea how many leave per week but I don’t think it balances out the intake. The cafeteria is just Chaotic.
Wednesday I found Keanu actually it was really cool. I met up with him more Thursday to talk and take a picture.


Thursday was kinda a long day, The entire day I had infield orientation. I thought it was good and insightful, but by the time it ended I had TRC and my brain was just dead, ha ha. But I figured I’ll probably have days like that in the field too.
My teachers talk to us about their missions and it just makes me so excited. One thing I think is so funny is the taking and trading of things. My teacher said all the time other missionaries would be like hey I like your tie, or you have a nice ta’ovala and that meant you had to trade no matter what, ha ha. He told us how he did it once to someone who was leaving to Australia. He said he was like hey that’s a nice ta’ovala, you wanna trade. He said the guy was like sorry I want to give it to my family. He said some sisters standing nearby were like just give it to him. So the guy was like yeah okay and they traded. My teacher said he felt so bad, ha ha. The funny thing is someone took it from him the very next week.
love you guys

Week 4: Today I clean the temple.

**This week’s letter was a lot of answering of mom’s questions:

Usually I eat  cereal every morning, the only normal cereal they have is life, so I
eat that, haha. This week was kinda weird because one of my teachers
went on vacation, so we had a substitute.


I’ve just been trying to memorize the first vision in Tongan. I know my purpose In Tongan though.  My TRC this week was with this RM who served in Tonga. I think it went good, I just wish I was a lot better at the language. Looking at the date made me realize how close summer is to being over, which is kinda weird.

This week I gave a blessing, I was very scared and nervous. But I think it went okay. The blessing was a sealing of the anointing for a sick sister in my district. I still need to figure out my measurements, I’ll try today. I might get my flight plans today too. I’m ready to leave the MTC, haha.


Today I clean the Temple, that should be cool.